ON THE sofa
Sit down a stay a while, won't ya?

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People learn the best through stories. That's why we write songs, that's why we write novels, and that's why we consume said written songs and novels.


On The Sofa is a podcast project that interviews music business insiders and artists about the industry's tough topics and their journey navigating through them. This project is designed to feel like you're sitting on the sofa and swapping questions, tales and tea bags with really awesome (and knowledgable) strangers. And of course, in true Canceled Plans style, you don't have to talk to anyone or leave your home to do so.

Though each episode is thematic and topic-driven, this podcast is not a how-to guide or merely a learning tool about music business. This is a space for you, me and everyone else to have a conversation about ourselves, our industry and most importantly, how to make our artistry and creative field better.

So, sink into your favorite spot on your couch, grab a blanket, and come sit On The Sofa with us.